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21 February 2014 @ 05:42 pm

Adam got in to McGill! I guess I shouldn't throw away all my sweaters yet...

Also, tornado scare at school today.

20 January 2014 @ 07:15 am

It's the MLK holiday so I got to sleep in. And of course my body have me an extra 20 minutes. Thanks, body.

This week is a start to the new semester. I'm trading in my two senior English classes for one freshmen and yearbook. I wasn't supposed to teach yearbook but the advisor quit at the beginning of December. I'm kind of torn. It's an easy class but not very rewarding to teach.

I'm also starting back up with classes at ECU. I'm back to being in an online class about diversity. This professor doesn't require as much "discussion board" posts, so that will help me a lot.

I'm kind of apprehensive in general about the next few months. I see them being very stressful, even if they shouldn't be.

02 December 2013 @ 09:41 pm

Last month, Adam and I went to see Joshua Bell in concert. It was a wonderful experience. I'd been to see this world class violinist perform in concert before, but seeing him at ECU was different. The hall was smaller, I had better seats, and instead of playing one concerto with a full symphony, it was 2 hours of duets with a pianist. It was amazing.

After the concert, I joined a too-large and too-unorganized mob to meet him. He signed the copy of his Christmas album that I'd bought. I also told him that I had seen him perform in Atlanta five years ago and that I enjoyed seeing him again. Adam was waiting for me across the room, and after seeing Bell's expression change from overwhelmed drone to curious musician, he noted that I must have said something worthwhile.

I listened to Bell's Christmas album tonight in the car, and the quality of his sound always blows me away. His music has personality and purity. I really enjoy making his music a part of my life.

24 July 2013 @ 09:58 am
I got the phone call from county office yesterday. I get to keep my job! I have to make up the course hours that I'm short for, but that is not a big deal compared to being out of work. I'm so relieved.

We went out and bought another book case to celebrate because we ran out of room for storing our books and DVDs when we were getting settled in our new apartment. We were putting off the bookcase until we knew if I'd be making any money. With that, we've unpacked the last cardboard box, and now I only need to find places for a handful of miscellaneous junk and hang up . I really like our new apartment, and I know Adam feels the same. We feel much more comfortable here. It was good to start our third year together in a wonderful new place (our two year anniversary was Monday.).

In other words, I'm a very lucky woman.
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26 March 2013 @ 08:57 pm

Yeah, I never update this thing anymore. Welcome to the life of a teacher.

The new teacher that was hired in January has been fired. Her students made bomb threats to 911 during her class, and while the students are being charged with felonies, she has been forced to resign. Which means that two months has been the beginning and end of her teaching career.

Life with Adam is still good.

I'm going home on Saturday to spend some of my spring break with family. G'ma is in bad shape and her mind is starting to go. I'm coming home to Greenville early partially to try to keep some sanity in what is supposed to be a relaxing break.

I also heard from an old college friend last month. She got in touch to apologize for something that she had done that resulted in our friendship dying out. It was really nice to hear it from her. I apologized for my response at the time, and she very graciously said that my response had been justified. It was very sweet and thoughtful. I'm hoping to see her soon and try to reconnect and rebuild.

In the meantime, I miss the communities of close and nearby friends that I was able to build when I was a student.